Axway announces the acquisition of Syncplicity

Leader in secure collaboration and file sharing to join Axway in advancing the digital workplace without borders

Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a catalyst for transformation, today announced the all-cash acquisition of Syncplicity, a leading enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solution that provides users with the experience and tools they need for secure collaboration. With the acquisition of Syncplicity, Axway will be able to further enhance the Axway AMPLIFY™ platform to transform the way modern enterprises collaborate and innovate across digital ecosystems and further heighten engagement with customers, employees and partners

Syncplicity, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, was founded in 2007 and was owned by global investment firm Skyview Capital. More than 25,000 businesses and individuals across a wide variety of verticals rely on Syncplicity’s enterprise-grade file sync and share solutions to get more business value from their data within applications, databases or files, whether stored on-premise or in private or public clouds.

As businesses continue to collaborate using cloud-based tools, it’s imperative that file exchanges and synchronization between individuals is a secure and seamless experience” said Jean-Marc Lazzari, CEO at Axway. “Together, Axway and Syncplicity will create a one stop shop for digital shared services.

Syncplicity’s EFSS expertise and product excellence will complement Axway MFT solutions perfectly by encouraging and supporting greater collaboration among employees, partners and customers” said Jonathan Huberman, CEO at Syncplicity. “The Syncplicity team is proud to join Axway to create the best possible outcomes for our customers.

The details of the transaction are not made public.

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