About us

Yucatan, Public Relations Agency

Clients and journalists alike recognize the Yucatan PR agency as a leading partner for promoting innovation, particularly in the high-tech, industrial goods, health and wellness and biotechnology industries.

The digital revolution and the influx of social media have profoundly changed the way influencers and the media communicate with the public. Yucatan anticipated the metamorphosis of communication channels and social media platforms and works with clients to adapt their messages and digital strategies to best engage with the new profiles of influencers who have appeared over the past ten years.
Impassioned by new technologies and experts in Corporate Communication (B2B and B2C), Yucatan’s public relations consultants are creative, meticulous, highly dedicated and passionately work with companies coming from a wide range of profiles – from start-up incubators to large multinational corporations.

Despite the digitalization and dematerialization of interactions and relations, Yucatan continues to strongly believe that face-to-face meetings and human connections are still vital and irreplaceable for developing a company’s reputation and for gaining brand awareness and visibility for entrepreneurs. For over 20 years, Yucatan’s consultants have demonstrated this conviction by building and maintaining strong relationships with the press and their partners.

That is why we define ourselves as a ‘public’ relations agency, or ‘serving different audiences and stakeholders’. We are adept at identifying the complex challenges and risks that companies face and adapt messages to best suit each target audience. We believe that the media and other influencers are part of the same realm and we proactively and creatively create content adapted to journalists, freelance writers, bloggers and influencers of all types of backgrounds.

Our philosophy: Communicate the right message to the right person at the right time in order to optimize the impact on your target audiences and influencers.
Yucatan is a certified member of Syntec RP – Council on Public Relations, the profession’s leading federation in France.

Yucatan, An Expertise to optimize your communications

As a true partner for your strategic communications and media plan, our agency specializes in working with all types of media: print, online, radio, television, blogs, and social networks. The press and public relations agency Yucatan provides you with all of their expertise and resources and offers analysis and advice for creating your communication strategy and media plan.

In this day and age, content is king. That is why we have intensified our creative efforts in order to create and deliver strong messages that are original and best adapted for the media channels we have decided to target.

Writing press releases, press kits, corporate profiles, technical papers, opinion columns, creating graphic designs and other visual and interactive content, film production, event organization, interviews, press conferences, showroom and factory visits, organizing product testing, reputation research, media calendar monitoring, etc.: Yucatan provides our clients with all of the tools and means necessary to showcase their expertise, increase brand awareness and elevate their profile in target markets.

Yucatan, An independent agency at the heart of a large network of international partners

Yucatan is a public relations agency that is 100% independent: we are only concerned with doing what is in the best interest of our clients and dedicate our work to improving their reputation and notoriety.

Yucatan is a member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s largest network of independent public relations and media relations agencies including 110 partners worldwide with over 30 of these partners operating in Europe. Thanks to this network, we can assist our clients with their international strategies by providing access to partners and markets across the globe.