Agency Portraits #2: The Kaizo Press Relations and Content Agency in London (UK)

Being part of the Worldcom Public Relations Group allows us to collaborate regularly with renowned public relations agencies around the world.

Among them, London-based agency Kaizo is one of the UK partners with whom we lead and share numerous press relations, digital communication and marketing content projects throughout the year.

Founded in 1978, Kaizo is a public relations, digital communication and brand content agency with which Yucatan has maintained a strong partnership for over 20 years.

The agency has a solid portfolio of international clients, notably from the B2B and B2C high-tech, health, science, education and lifestyle sectors.

As with the German agency HBI, we work together with Kaizo on behalf of international key accounts, the best example of which is Sharp Europe Corporation, for which we have been a partner providing media relations and event support since 2012.

It is a genuine pleasure for the Yucatan and Kaizo teams to work together. Their professionalism and responsiveness are essential elements of the success we have enjoyed over the past 20 years in our collaborations.

The synergies between Yucatan and Kaizo work exclusively for the benefit of our clients. While the UK and France markets have different communication characteristics, the joint efforts of Kaizo and Yucatan and the sharing of ideas and best practice enhance the value of our clients, their brands and products on both sides of the Channel, and provide a high ROI for their marketing and communication investments. More than ever, in the midst of Brexit, our synergies are key assets for our clients.

Kaizo also has a recognised expertise in content creation (writing articles; bylines; e-books; case studies; web content; video content; social content, etc.) and has experts who craft the storytellings that are best suited to their clients.

You have international press and public relations projects in mind? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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