Press trip to Japan: An exceptional stay at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo

Our agency regularly organizes press trips as part of its consumer public relations services. As a member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, we work closely with our Japanese partner, AZ Worldcom Japan, to arrange regular press trips to Tokyo for the Keio Plaza Hotel.

Once again, this year, we have just introduced French journalists to this fantastic hotel during a press trip to Tokyo from March 2 to 6.

Combining modernity and tradition, the Keio Plaza Hotel offers luxury, sophistication and immersion in Japanese culture.

The first skyscraper hotel built in 1971 in the heart of the Shinjuku district, the Keio Plaza Hotel has been constantly reinventing itself since then to attract guests from all over the world. Whether you are on a business trip or a tourist stay, the hotel offers high quality services.

Watch the general presentation of the Keio Plaza Hotel on video:

Recently, the hotel has entirely renovated its top floors to offer a new experience, “Premier Grand Club floors”. A Club Lounge, elegant, Zen-designed rooms and suites, and a Sky Bar offer spectacular views of the city, reaching as far as Mont Fuji.

Keio Plaza Hotel Premier Grand Floors:

An immersion in Japanese culture in the heart of the hotel

The 17 restaurants and bars allow you to taste the full range of Japanese culinary art. We had the chance to enjoy a gastronomic menu at the Kagari restaurant, whose chef, Hirochika Midorikawa, is the first Japanese to receive the Marius Dutrey International Golden Cup of Culinary Art.

Our press trip was coincidental with the famous Girls’ Doll festival. Every year, on the 3rd day of March, Japan dedicates a day to its women and girls. A day where people pray for them to grow and flourish in health and happiness. Therefore, the hotel among its cultural events, has an exhibition dedicated to this annual festival. Chef Midorikawa has also concocted an incredible menu on this theme.

Always with the aim of immersing us in the purest Japanese tradition, the hotel offers its guests the opportunity to participate in a tea ceremony in a dedicated room.

Culture and traditions : A perfect immersion with the Keio Plaza Hotel:

A hotel in the heart of the Olympic and Paralympic year

The Keio Plaza is one of the most prominent hotels at the time of sporting events. Carefully exhibited, signed rugby shirts of the French, South African and English teams let us think that these 3 great teams stayed at the Keio.

The hotel is currently presenting an exhibition dedicated to sports photography, a link between the Rugby World Cup and the next Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020. As such, the hotel has renovated many rooms, fully equipped for people with disabilities.

The Keio Group, much more than hospitality…

Before being a recognized brand in the international hotel industry, Keio is historically a transport operator. Departing from Shinjuku’s main railway station, the Keio line takes us to discover all that the city has to offer. During this press trip we had the immense chance to go to Mont Takao. A magnificent walk in the middle of a luxuriant nature and in the middle of temples dedicated to Buddhism. We attended a fire ceremony and tasted a vegetarian menu concocted by the Monks of Takao.

Finally, the Keio Group has also created a department store just a stone’s throw from the hotel, which has nothing to envy to our famous Printemps and Galeries Lafayette!

Keio Line experience:

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