The Worldcom Public Relations Group Welcomes Buenos Aires-based Brand Partners

A new partnership for the Worldcom Public Relations Group

The Worldcom Public Relations Group, the leading global partnership of independent public relations firms, continued building out its partnership by recently welcoming a new international communication agency: Brand Partners.

“Our partnership is committed to a level of sharing and collaboration that elevates all our agencies and the work we provide our clients,” said Monty Hagler, CEO of RLF Communications and Worldcom’s Americas Region Chair. “Brand Partners is an outstanding agency and an important addition to our partnership. They provide us with a strong presence in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, expand our LATAM group to ten agencies and extend our partnership’s prowess.”

Welcoming Brand Partners to the Worldcom Public Relations Group marks the completion of a rigorous Worldcom partner recruitment and vetting process. It ensures the compatibility of the agency applying for partnership but also their ability to meeting the standards of trust and collaboration, defined by the Worldcom PR Group since its founding in 1988. As the Group’s newest partner, Brand Partners joins a robust group of global partners. They openly share knowledge, best practices, utilize each other to meet expanding client roles and to collaborate on new opportunities scaled to the local, regional and global needs of any prospect.

The Brand Partners agency and its expertise


“In Worldcom, we find a very valuable space for the exchange of knowledge, the latest work tools and an exceptional human group. We were surprised by their ability to adapt to the context and offer innovative looks adapted to current times. We believe that it is more important than ever to stay at the forefront of the industry and join forces with well-known agencies to offer true comprehensive communication solutions. These are challenging moments where communication is the protagonist, the network partners help us to improve our practices every day. We are very happy to be part of Worldcom” says Luciana Bugni, Director of Brand Partners.

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Brand Partners is an international communication agency with many years in the Argentine market and vast experience in managing communications essentially for technology companies but also for retail, health, construction, finance and entertainment.

From the creation of original content, its strategic distribution and relationship with the media, the agency achieves effective visibility for its portfolio. It is not just about being present in the media and on the social networks, the key is to be in specific places and in specific ways to ensure the connection of a message with a certain group of people.


“Through our work, our clients transmit the philosophy of their brands and tell stories that allow an authentic connection with their consumers,” says Marcela Ernst, Director General of Accounts of the agency.

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