Yucatan forges successful 20 Year Partnership with Worldcom

When our French Public Relations agency, Yucatan, was created 25 years ago, the notion of internationalization quickly emerged, and we looked for a network that matched our values and our vision of PR. That’s how we joined the Worldcom PR Group in 1999. And we are very proud to belong to this great family of communication for more than 20 years.

Offering the international to our own clients and France to the clients of our partners

From the beginning, we have been able to measure how well we had chosen the right business network. The proximity between the partner agencies allows us to immediately offer our clients high-quality international expertise and to provide our partners’ clients with the benefit of our know-how in our own country. This gives us the chance to work for international institutions and brands that we would not have been able to serve without belonging to the network.

The sharing of best practices is also an indispensable factor in our success. Being able to exchange daily with our peers, benefiting from their tips and feedback is an undeniable advantage. Learning and understanding cultural differences is a valuable asset not only for us but also for our clients.

Worldcom Agencies’ Solidarity in Times of Crisis

The recent Covid crisis and lockdowns also allowed us to measure the importance of belonging to an international network. We were immediately able to share and exchange daily with our partners. This mutual support has been of great help on the moral, organizational, and business levels. #WorldcomStrong

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