Public Relations Agency specialized in championing innovation

Our mission: to elevate your reputation and brand awareness amongst high-profile influencers and experts in your industry : journalists, analysts, bloggers and opinion leaders

Founded in 1994, Yucatan is a Paris-based public relations agency that works with clients – from start-ups to large multinational corporations – to build their reputation and brand awareness and to develop relationships and influence with their target audiences and media. (public relations and press relations)

In today’s world, companies add value by introducing cutting-edge technologies and innovations to the market or by successfully and swiftly integrating such innovations into their business model. If innovation is at the heart of your strategic planning and your success, your ecosystem is ours.

> Benefit from an approach that is customized for your corporate communications, B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer), and will optimize your visibility in the media while keeping your message clear and consistent.

Yucatan’s Services and Expertise

Yucatan works with companies of all shapes and sizes – start-ups, small and medium sized companies, multinational corporations – operating in a wide range of industries. The agency provides clients with all the tools and resources needed to showcase their expertise and to elevate their profile and recognition in target markets: strategic and operational consulting, content creation that is creative and consistent, reaching relevant influencers and experts, media training, etc.

Yucatan’s public relations consultants are all senior level and their expertise covers a variety of industries including Emerging Technologies, IT, Software, Cloud Computing, e-Commerce, Retail, Financial Technology, Energy, Industrial Goods and Services, Construction, Biotechnology and Health and Wellness.

From Paris to Around the World
The local advantage.

Based in Paris, Yucatan has the resources needed to communicate and work with media professionals and target audiences worldwide. As a member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s leading network of independent public relations firms, Yucatan helps clients execute their communication strategies at a global level.

Founded in 1984, The Worldcom Public Relations Group is present in 46 countries spread across 6 continents with 146 offices and a total of 94 partners – 34 of which are in Eurpoe. They have a turnover of $281 million and employ 2400 people.

As Worldcom’s partner in France over the past 17 years, Yucatan has developed fruitful relationships with partner agencies worldwide. These relationships can provide our clients with information about local markets almost anywhere in the world while still honoring their global strategic vision.