Since the company was founded in Paris in 1994

Yucatan has been assisting company with their communication strategies, the growth of their brand recognition and the protection of their reputations.

From start-ups to multinational corporations, Yucatan has applied their expertise to serve a wide range of industries, most notably in the IT, health/biotech, environment, manufacturing and consumer goods sectors.

Yucatan is a member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group.


Public relations

  • Grow your brand awareness and protect your reputation
  • Increase your media coverage
  • Convince and reassure your clients, investors & partners


  • Better understand your brand and your targets
  • Deploy your marketing strategy wth your digital tools
  • Engage, recruit and retain your clients


  • Create an experience that reflects your company's image
  • Bring people together around your brand
  • Share your history and your values

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#Recrutement : Nous recherchons un(e) consultant(e) junior pour notre pôle Relations Publics !
Poste à pourvoir dés le mois de septembre à #Montparnasse
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